Level 2: Treatment of Family & Friends


Level Two is an opportunity to treat family and friends with Mir Sufi Healing.


All applicants must have completed and passed Level One. Your application must be supported by your Level One Registered Teacher.

Course Outline:

Level Two Part 1


Practical Exercises

Self Treatment
Treatment of your Energy Field

Self Healing

How to Treat Yourself at Level Two

Assessment and Support

Level Two Part 2


What is Attuned?
Preparation for Attunement


Cleansing Practices
Environment for Cleansing Practices
A Full Cleansing Day
Duration and Pace of Cleansing
Journal and Reflection
Communication with Your Teacher

Assessment and Sustaining

Level Two Part 3

Procedure and Treatment Guidelines

The Environment
Preparing Yourself Before Giving a Treatment
Note Taking
Preparing the Other Person
Treatment Aftercare

Practical Treatment Exercises

Treatment of Others
Treatment of Children, Animals and Plant

Assessment and Support


How to Apply:

Please discuss with your Level One Registered Teacher.

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